Bowen Island is a small district in British Columbia, Canada. It is an island that is roughly 6 kilometers wide, 12 kilometers long, and 3 kilometers west of Metro Vancouver. Its population, which is about 3,600, is increased every summer by a thousand plus visitors.

The islet is a sought-after vacation home for British Columbians and tourists. In addition, about 200 students and 500 workers travel to schools and offices daily on the coast.

Historically, the island was used by Squamish people for gathering trips and hunting. They would travel during the summer and spring months and leave their winter villages to look for resources. As a result, the people gave the islet a Squamish name, Xwlíl’xhwm, which means “Fast Drumming Ground.” Entering the 20th century, Bowen Island has been used by the people for fishing, deer hunting, and duck hunting. Later on, the people accepted wage jobs.

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