Davies Heritage Orchard on Bowen Island: The Cradle of Tourism

Davies Heritage Orchard is the cradle of tourism on the Island. They offer museum tours free of charge. While enjoying the tour, you will see and witness the history of Bowen Island and the incredible work that volunteers have done in restoring the estate.

Bowen Heritage commits itself to maintaining cottages and heritage apples. They continue to entertain their visitors with stories of history. Moreover, they furnish their museum cottage with artifacts from the 1920s during steamship days.

They also have a collective amount of data about the history of the Union Steamship Company in cottage no. 19, which is an addition to posters that they have in cottage no. 20.

Bowen Heritage believes in the importance of sharing the stories of the Island with people. For that reason, their tours are for free. Nevertheless, they accept donations to aid in continually restoring the heritage site.

So, feel free to visit the Heritage Orchard to experience the history of Bowen Island and enjoy the following:

  • Free museum tours
  • Images and information from history
  • Mind-blowing views of coastal mountains and the Snug Cove

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