Exploring the Hearth Gallery

Explore the diverse and rich culture of Bowen Island through the Hearth Gallery, which is just a few steps away from the ferry port.

The Arts Council in Bowen Island manages the gallery. The gallery hosts most musical and literary performances, handles the Studio Tours, offers art instruction and programs, disseminates Arts and Cultural event updates, and sponsors several cultural events and activities.

The Hearth Gallery collaborates with partners to present “Knowing Our Place,” an initiative that aims to enhance its relationship with the First Nations. The members of the committee are working diligently to serve most of the artists residing in Bowen Island.


The Hearth continues to grow and evolve in the community. In 2020, they helped reach a victory for Bowen by campaigning and promoting the construction of the first-ever community center in Bowen.

However, they need continuous help. So whether you join a workshop, open-handedly donate, or volunteer, the Hearth Gallery will greatly appreciate your service. Your participation will drive them forward and make them bring new things to the community in the coming years.

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