Hiking Through Mount Gardner

If you are searching for a day trip from Vancouver that involves hiking while enjoying scenic views, consider hiking to Mount Gardner.

Outdoor Therapy provides hikers a complete guide to hiking Mount Gardner. The guide includes the following:

  • An outline on what to expect about the trails, trail markers, signage, trail names, and highlights
  • A color-coded map of all tracks, including distances and trail names to help you know more about your destination and how far it is.
  • Featured routes that will guide hikers to the different zones of Mount Gardner.

You can also check out the “Featured Routes at a Glance,” a comparison table that allows travelers to compare featured routes.

Each section contains the following:

  • A map with trail distances
  • An elevation description

Statistics include:

  • Difficulty
  • Distance
  • Time needed
  • Trailhead
  • Elevation gain
  • Elevation lost
  • Highest point
  • Highest uphill slope
  • Maximum decline
  • Average incline
  • Average decline
  • Google maps link

Mount Gardner is more than a 21-kilometer trail so that you will enjoy limitless hiking possibilities. So, experience a day trip that is complete with different hiking opportunities.

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