Specialty Wine and Food Shops in Bowen

You can get everything you need in Bowen Island to sustain yourself, especially during a long-term stay. The Island offers specialty items, alcoholic beverages, and groceries.

Alderwood Farm

The Alderwood Farm is a 5-acre estate where you can rejuvenate your body and spirit. The farm offers delectable organic foods found in their specialty shop. Their beautiful landscape is ideal for quiet strolls while getting a feel of the island life. Relax and recharge yourself with the sounds and sights of nature along with healing services.

Ruddy Potato

Are you looking for organic and healthy groceries? Maybe you are searching for naturally sourced coffee or handmade soaps? Are you craving a meal made from fresh ingredients? The Ruddy Potato Market offers you delicious and fresh produce, grocery, and meats, along with organic beauty items. You can find the market in Snug Cove. So, enjoy a variety of products at reasonable prices.

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