Staying in Libellule Cottages

Libellule Cottages is a place to read, paint, write, wander, and do many adventures. You will arrive receiving a basket of fresh fruit, drinks, and healthy snacks free of charge. It is a place you can call home.

The cottages are on a hill found in the south zone of the Island. It is also a minute’s drive away from shops and restaurants in Snug Cove.


You can enjoy swimming under the sun or stargazing at night in their solar-heated swimming pool. The Golf Club is two minutes away, where you can savor the peace of their private 3-acre estate. Also, enjoy the best beaches in Bowen, such as Tunstall and Bowen Bay. Moreover, you can go hiking on nearby trails.

In the place itself, you can wander, sit near a waterfall, and stroll. They also have a library with films, as well as art supplies.

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