Tours in Bowen Island

Discover the best sites in Bowen with the help of the Island local guides.

Killarney Lake

Crippen Regional Park presents accessible trails passing through abundant green landscapes with many different scenic views to enjoy. Allow your eyes to admire the green forest with its various shades. Not only that, but your senses will also adore the fresh air, woodsy fragrances, and quiet sound of nature.

Your local guide will usher you to the lake. Then, it’s up to you to continue your walk, relax, or return to Snug Cove with the attendant.

Artisan Square

Do you want to experience the road less traveled? If Yes, then the trail to Artisan Square is perfect for you. It is a trail that begins in Snug Cove, then further to Davies Creek, roughly a 350-meter inclination, until you reach a picturesque viewpoint. After that, you will go through zigzag forest trails, discover a labyrinth, and then get Artisan Square.

You can then rest, relax, explore their galleries and shops, and give yourself a treat. It is an adventure worth your effort and time, combining encounters with nature and inviting rewards.

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