Groceries and Specialty Foods

Along with freshly baked pastries and top-quality coffee, Bowen Island also boasts sweets, such as candies, organic pies, organic chocolates, and more.

Candy in the Cove

Candy in the Cove is one of the smallest candy shops globally, located in Bowen Island. The place is small, but they offer a variety of domestic and imported candies. Enjoy a pack of candies and experience nostalgia with one bite.

Home Farm Gardens

Home Farm Gardens grow various seasonal green vegetables in their fields, such as kale, cherry tomatoes, salad greens, garlic, and heritage tomatoes. Moreover, they have poultry, pigs, and sheep that are free from hormones and additives.

Try their organic produce. The store is open 24/7 and offers you fresh farm eggs, seasonal greens, and delicious fresh lamb and pork meat.

Cocoa West Café

The Coca West Café is situated in Artisan Square, offering additive-free chocolate truffles, espresso coffee, and hot chocolate.

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