Happy Isle: a Playground of Paradise (1900 to 1958)

In 1967, a group of individuals was passionate about adding value to the Bowen community. Their idea was to cultivate interest by knowing more about history. Each person in their tiny group was given a locality to collect dates and facts about the formative years.

Their efforts and the cooperation of the people in Bowen became the foundation for Irene Howard’s writing about Bowen Island (1872 to 1972). Their goal is to establish an Island Museum one day.

Later on, their dream came true. Presently, the Bowen Island Museum and Archives collect materials relating to the yesteryears of the “Happy Isle.” Moreover, they have two buildings with a massive collection of archives and displays that reveal the remarkable history of the Island.

Their mission is as follows:

  • To gather and keep the history of Bowen Island
  • To classify and index collected data
  • To educate people of their heritage
  • To preserve historical material and make information available to researchers and the community.

Visit the place now to see biographical records, local maps, artifacts, historic photos, and more.

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