Visiting Bowen Island Sites With an eBike

If you are thinking about what mode of transportation you will use to visit the different sites in Bowen Island, consider booking Bowen eBikes. You can explore many places, and you will discover that there are more lovely places past Snug Cove.

It does not matter if you are a novice or experienced cyclist; Bowen eBikes will take you wherever your destination is, even if you have to climb hills. As you accelerate by pedaling your bike, the electric motor will assist you by giving you extra power to ascend hills.

If it is your first time using an electric bike, you will be surprised at how similar it is to a regular bicycle. The only difference is that you can access several terrains compared to a regular bike.

You can rent eBikes in Cates Hill, which is near Snug Cove. You can also have your bike dropped off and picked up at the port. Another option is to wait for your eBike to be delivered and picked up at your place of stay (applicable to long-term rentals).

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